Q. Do you wish to have your name withheld from results?

Participants are able to opt out of having their name and city displayed in the results and/or on the announcer data frequently used at an event to welcome entrants to the finish. In that case the participant's bib number will be shown with no name (literally "Name Withheld") or city identified. The time, gender place, and age group place would still be displayed on the web and searchable under bib number and/or the surname "Withheld". Participants are able to opt out by indicating they wish to do so at registration, or by contacting The Timing Team or the event's organisers at any stage during or after registration.

We would like to remind event participants that publically available information from a wide range of sources on the internet - not just events we time - can become available through online searching, and we encourage people not wishing to have their names published in race results to indicate that to the organiser or us when registering at or for an event.