February 2012

Road Bike seat post kits

Pete Halligan’s Girls on Bikes in Methven on 18 February 2012 saw the introduction of the disposable seat post bike kits we developed in association with PrintRun. Since then these kits have been adopted by ChronoTrack and released to their timers world-wide.

July 2013

Mud Runs

Event Promotions’ Tough Guy and Gal series presents a serious challenge to both competitors and equipment. Responding to this challenge on 5 July 2013 we introduced dual bib tags for Mud Run timing with great success.


March 2012

MTB Number plate tags

Michael Jacques’ Karapoti Classic on 18 March 2012 was the first NZ MTB event timed with disposable tags attached directly to MTB bike number plates.

August 2013

Road Bike Relay Kits

In response to a client’s request to restrict the timing of enthusiastic relay team members leaving before their team member had arrived we developed the road bike relay kit in August 2013. Since its introduction this kit has been successfully used at, amongst other events, the GrapeRide, 100k Flyer, and Taupo Cycle Challenge.


April 2012

Bib Tags

Athletics New Zealand’s 2012 Rotorua Marathon on 28 April 2012 was the first mass participation event in New Zealand timed using ChronoTrack disposable tags attached to entrants' bibs.

As well as receiving accurate timing none of the 4000+ entrants had to stop after their event to have their tags removed from their shoelaces - a great benefit to competitors and support crew alike.


2015 "Dennis Ikenberry" Pioneer Award

DennisIkenberryPioneerAwardChronoTrack awarded us the "Dennis Ikenberry" Pioneer Award in 2015 for "(our) willingness to step up, test and adopt the pioneering technology of the Active Tag System."

"ChronoTrack sought out a partner who would be willing to to test this new system in a water intensive environment. An overseas partner was selected because of the need to keep this development effort secret until it was ready for release. This partner was Andrew Ninness of Ninness Associates in New Zealand. Andrew allowed us to test the system at two of his races and later he used the system at four more of his races without assistance from ChronoTrack support personnel. Andrew detailed the results and performance of the system at all these events."

Each year, the award winner is presented with Frederic Remington's bronze sculpture, Coming through the Rye. It serves as a true symbol of the pioneer award spirit by depicting four horsemen at full gallop, six-shooters raised over their heads, and charging forward into their future.

For a little background to the pioneering work of Dennis Ikenberry read this article from Competitor Running.

May 2012

FlashPoint Aerials

Event Promotion’s 24 hour MoonRide in Rotorua on 11 May 2012 saw over 7,300 laps completed by the teams and solo riders. This event was the first in New Zealand timed using ChronoTrack’s FlashPoint aerials.

Since their introduction the combination of side mounted FlashPoint aerials and mountainbike numberplates or seatpost kits have become the standard for contactless timing of cycle events.

May 2016

RFID Relay Batons

Manawatu Striders' Half Marathon saw the first use in an event in New Zealand of running relay batons with embedded ChronoTrack RFID timing tags.

Since their successful introduction this style of timing baton has been used at such events as Athletics New Zealand's Road Relay Championships and the Anchor AIMS Games providing accurate timing and eliminating the electronic "noise" and false reads frequently encountered at events where relay team members have tags embedded in their bibs. They are also a sought after souvenir for participating teams.