2019 Day Night Thriller

Cougar Park Tokoroa ...

 ... was home for Event Promotion's Day Night Thriller from 8am until 10 pm on Saturday.

Solo riders tackled either a 100k, 50k, or 25k over a challenging 25k loop, designed and well prepared by the Tokoroa Mountain Bike Club. Starting at 8am the TOK 100 riders demonstrated real class with Cosmo Bloor finishing the 100k in just 4:31:30.

Teams tackled an 8km loop over 6 or 12 hours, with the tension building as the teams calculated who and how to squeeze in that final lap before time ran out. Team Goats, a Junior Team from Cambridge, covered a stunning 224km in the 12 hour event.

Images from the day are here.

Full results are here.