Q. What is the difference between passive tags and active tags?

ChronoTrack UHF RFID tags are thin strips that are attached to the back of the competitor’s bib, on a baton, on a Bike seatpost kit, or on an MTB numberplate. These Ultra High Radio Frequency tags are weather resistant and lightweight for an enhanced competitor experience. These passive timing technology tags are activated by passing through a field created by high-functioning RFID antennas. The antennas pass information to the controllers where it is processed on to be scored. ChronoTrack UHF RFID race timing tags are recycleable and landfill safe, reducing secondary impact by scaling back the resources needed for distribution and collection. ChronoTrack UHF RFID race timing tags are single-use.

Each ChronoTrack active tag has a battery embedded in the transponder, making it powerful enough to send timing data to the loop wire and transceiver through mud or water. Active tags are accurate to .1 second, regardless of natural interferences, meaning reliable, accurate results for your athletes. ChronoTrack active tags are designed to be reused. They must be returned after use or a replacement charge will apply.