ChronoTrack Timing Equipment

ChronoTrack 180 200
 ChronoTrack is an industry-trusted brand of timing solutions for endurance sports, with over 220 trusted timing partners operating in 130+ countries and 6 continents. The Timing Team is proud to be one of these partners.

The Professional and MiniTrack Series controllers provide the foundation for ChronoTrack’s industry trusted timing technology. ChronoTrack has two forms of high-functioning RFID antennas: either in mats, or side-mounted, mat less equipment – FlashPoints..

The antennas pass information to the controllers at each timing line where it is processed to be scored.

The controllers have been designed with a wide range of communication options in order to ensure ease of data communication between the hardware and software.

controllersThe ChronoTrack Systems Professional Series provides New Zealand race directors and competitors with the same world class experience the ChronoTrack brand has provided to major world events including the New York Marathon.

With on-board battery life reaching eight hours and the ability for the RFID systems to reach 16 metres with a single system, the Professional Series has become the top choice for highly populated events looking to improve the data communication flow and ensure redundancy.

The Pro 2 series continued ChronoTrack’s world leading innovation by being fully compatible with both RFID tags, and Active (battery powered) tags.

Weighing just 16.8g, ChronoTrack’s low profile active tags are 100% waterproof, which with their 3D antennae makes them a top choice for triathlons and open water swims.

When using active tags the Pro 2 controllers can handle timing lines from 1 metre to 12 metres wide. The timing lines are each a loop of thin cable laid on the ground.

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the advantages of ChronoTrack timing equipment.