Tag-Fitting Instructions - Multisport

The guides on this page are provided to assist entrants in ensuring their times are recorded.

Multisport events use T-Tags attached by ankle strap or Velcro bands.


It is essential that the orange holder is against your skin (or wetsuit), and the foam pad is visible. If wearing the tag under your wetsuit, the orange holder must be against your skin enabling the foam spacer to provide a gap between the wetsuit and the aerial.

Please check if your event is using disposable or re-useable T-Tags. If Re-useable tags are being used you will need to return them at the end of your race.

T-Tag Instructions - Multisport (Single Use and re-useable)

Click here to download instructions for the fitting of T-Tags.

Ankle Strap
Download Single Use (disposable) ankle strap T-Tag instructions

Download Re-useable ankle strap T-Tag instructions




Orange holder to skin


Tyvek ankle strap


Velcro ankle strap